Our Story

Mumbai Mosaic is a highly professional, bespoke tour and travel company that is dedicated to being unique providing “behind the scenes” Mumbai experiences. We firmly believe that tourism is not just about visiting places and taking photographs, but about understanding the relevance of the place.

Our Founder

Mr. Sajid Shaikh, founder of Mumbai Mosaic, began his career in the Travel & Tourism Industry in 2004. A seasoned entrepreneur and registered guide with the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC), Sajid has travelled extensively across India and far reaches of the globe. His love and knowledge of Mumbai are unsurpassed and thus his primary focus is sharing the vibrancy of life in Mumbai to both first time and frequent travelers. Thus it is Bombay - the original English name and still used by most that live in Mumbai – where Sajid and Mumbai Mosaic focus their talents to guide, teach and enhance your travel experience navigating the brash and vibrant streets of Mumbai; villages, slums, and seascapes; both the wealth and poverty of a city that is India’s economic powerhouse, steeped in art and heritage, located on the Arabian Sea, and decorated by a wealth of colours, flavours, and fragrances.  If you enjoy culture shock, India is pure decadence.  Mumbai is the crown jewel.  Mumbai Mosaic is the team that will make what can be a culture shock, seamless.

Our Mission

Visit local in its purest form! A commitment to provide unique, city experiences, curated by professional, knowledgeable private guides. Provide “behind the scene private experiences” Client satisfaction will always be a Mosaic Mumbai’s main goal.

Adventure Team

Our extremely knowledgeable team of tour guides is comprised of highly trained and experienced individuals who have spent considerable time in blending with, and understanding the local culture and population.

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